Friday, September 11, 2009

STILL Remembering 09-11-01 - It's No National Day of Service to Me!!!

It probably comes as no surprise to you, that once again our President has angered me. It happens daily, but today I'm not just angry for me - I'm angry for 3000+ American Heroes that have been neatly swept under the carpet. Yes, I'm talking about all those who lost their lives on 09-11-01.

Apparently, Mr. Obama has decided that today will be a big "National Day of Service" instead of a memorial to those who lost their lives in the 9-11 attacks. Today Obama and his cronies will be attempting to take 9-11 "back from the right" by making it a day of service. Of course, these groups involved in the National Day of Service happen to be some of the most left-wing unsavory groups out there. Groups involved include ACORN, Color of Change, RainbowPUSH Coalition, Young Democrats of America, and Apollo Alliance. Instead of a day to reflect and remember, this day is being changed into a day of "service," political activism, and media focus on left wing nuts.

No longer do we have 9-11, but a National Day of Service. There is no longer a Global War on Terror with Obama in office, but it is now dubbed the "Overseas Contingency Operations." I've seen slogans all over the web, saying "Never Forget," but all Obama seems to be saying with his changes to this important day is "Please Forget." After all, he's the one that wants to humanize those behind these attacks, make them our friends, give them rights, and ultimately release them.

I am angry for all those who lost their lives, and those who gave their lives on 9-11. To merely be turned into a day of service is despicable. There were heroes that day. Those who helped others escape, the courageous New York City firemen, and men like Todd Beamer on Flight 93, whose response to certain death was a courageous "Let's Roll!"

How can our president overlook the tragedy and the courage that came out of the terrorist (yes I said terrorist) attacks? We can't afford to forget these people who died and we definitely can't afford to forget those who were responsible for those deaths. If we forget, it will most definitely happen again.

I, for one, remember exactly where I stood on 09-11-01 when the first plane hit. I have never forgotten the horror, grief, and anger of that day - and I never will. Today I'm STILL remembering 9-11, and it's no National Day of Service to me. It's a day to remember, to shed a tear, and to renew my resolve to do what I can against terror in the United States by using my vote to get people like Obama and his liberal congressional cronies out of office.

To all those who lost their lives…there are still some of us out here that haven't forgot you. We remember what you did for our country. We remember your death and we remember those you left behind. And…to those who did this…we haven't forgot you either and we're coming! Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday soon. You may have a friend in Obama right now, but that WILL change and as long as there are people like me here, you will never be safe - "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue!"

P.S. Take time to watch the videos...and remember!