Friday, November 21, 2008

Car Industry Bailout

Ahhhh the "poor" car industry CEOs are begging for money again. I wish I was so poor that I could afford a jet and spend $30,000 on a flight to DC. Must be hard to be that poor and in trouble.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Will the "REAL" Conservatives Please Stand Up!

Another election has gone by. Another democrat has been elected. The big question - WHY? Well, you've no doubt heard a list of reasons from lamenting republicans over the past few days, but today I want to discuss one reason that most people aren't talking about - the death of the "REAL" conservative.

If you didn't notice, this past election, we had a moderate conservative, John McCain, running for the White House. He somehow secured the party's nomination (much to my chagrin) and began his campaign to nowhere. Talk about a "bridge to nowhere," well, that was basically the campaign of McCain in 2008.

So, what was the problem? The problem was a candidate that was not a "REAL" conservative. Look at history. In the past 20-30 years, candidates that were right wing conservatives have won the presidency. Those who were moderate conservatives have not. The conservative party is looking for true conservative leadership, and they didn't find it in John McCain. In fact, before McCain could even have the conservative base behind his campaign, he had to choose Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Sarah Palin is proof that the right wing conservatives are still around. She energized voters and had a lot to do with making this election as close as it was. Palin was the one that people really loved. Crowds flocked to see her, and she never professed to be a "middle of the road" conservative. She is a conservative, through and through.

Now why, may I ask, have we suddenly begun to pick out candidates that are moderate conservatives? Please people. You're either conservative or you're not. You start talking about being "moderately" conservative and people begin to wonder what you're hiding. Apparently all that blathering about being a "moderate" doesn't work. The independents didn't go out voting for John McCain the "moderate conservative," but instead many of them voted for the most liberal senator to ever walk the floors of the nation's Capitol.

The point is that people like knowing what they are going to get. With president Reagan, he ran as a right wing conservative, and won two terms. Against huge odds, George W. Bush (no matter what you think of him) ran as a conservative, and again won two terms. Then we see people who tried running on a more moderate base, trying to appeal to those independent voters, and they lose. We should be learning a lesson.

It's time to get back to what conservatism is all about. It's not about being a "right wing" conservative or a "moderate" conservative. After all, if we divide our ranks in that way, we only break down our own ranks. This year we saw the Democratic party come together, in spite of some huge rifts, but the conservatives were still hung up on this "moderate" point of view.

This is not the time to be moderate. It's the time to get back to what "REAL" conservatism is all about. Obviously the "moderate" pitch didn't work. After all, why do you think the democrats attacked Sarah Palin so much? They see a "true blue" conservative who is capable of shaking things up, and they fear that. John McCain never scared them, but real conservatives do.

Conservatives like Sarah Palin are going to bring about a new conservative movement I believe. One that is based on being a true conservative, not a moderate conservative. As conservatives, we stand for certain beliefs. We believe in the constitution. We believe in the right to life. We believe in families (and I mean one man and one woman). We believe in smaller government and lower taxes.

Now where, in that belief system, is there room for being "moderate?" So, will the "REAL" conservatives please stand up! We've got work to do!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gay Marriage Bans - A Turn in the Right Direction?

In the past days since the election, one of the hot topics on the news has been the ban of gay marriage in the states of California, Arizona, and Florida. No doubt you've even heard about it. This has been a hot topic in many of the campaigns this year, and I'd like to explore it a bit with you.

What Voters Had to Say
Interestingly enough, the ban on gay marriage passed in all the states that proposed it on election day. In fact, polls showed that it passed overwhelmingly, showing that most people in mainstream America are not ready to legalize gay marriage.

On a side note here, I have to sit back and wonder how 70% of people who voted for Obama ended up voting to ban gay marriage.

So, the voters spoke, the bans passed, and marriage between just a MAN and a WOMAN has been preserved.

The Aftermath of the Bans
Unfortunately, after the majority of the people voted and overwhelmingly supported these bans, many people, especially in California raised a protest. Gays began to riot in San Diego and Los Angeles. Unfortunately, not all the protests were peaceful.

The RIGHT View by Conservatives
So, with all this going on, what should a true conservative think? Well, I truly believe that persecution of gays is wrong. After all, whether I believe it is right or wrong, it doesn't give me the right to harm or verbally abuse these people. Yes, they do have rights.

However, although I believe that I should treat them kindly and with respect, it doesn't mean I need to agree. In fact, I disagree - vehemently. I strongly believe that marriage should be between a man and woman, and apparently most of the people voting agreed with me.

If we allow marriage to be broken down, it wrecks havoc with families in America, and God knows they are already in huge trouble, with divorce rates skyrocketing to far beyond 50% these days. We must preserve our families or our country will fall. This country was built on families, and it can't survive today without them.

A Time to Come Together
This issue is one that should unite conservatives, since I truly believe that it is far from over. Gay couples are filing discrimination suits against the state of California, and now this will be going before the state Supreme Court in California again (the one that already tried to legalize same sex marriage).

During the days before the vote on the ban, people of various colors, religions, and views came together. In fact, $75 million was raised in California to help promote the proposition to ban same sex marriage. Those donating included Catholic churches, Evangelical congregations, Mormon churches, and even Jewish synagogues. They banded together, and in the end, made a huge difference.

It's an important lesson we all need to learn. We don't all need to agree on the small things. However, on big issues, as conservatives, we need to come together. I believe that the issue of same sex marriage is one of the issues that defines our day and I'm sure we have not heard the last of it.

So, I challenge you, as a conservative, put aside some of your small differences, band together, and let's keep the ball rolling. We have taken some giant steps in the right direction with these votes. Let's keep going. As we can see, conservatives still have a voice - Use It!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Aftermath of Election Day

The ballots have been cast. The decision has been made. Many of us are left wondering what went wrong. In fact, it's taken me a couple of days to deal with the fallout of all that happened on November 4th this year. Was I shocked? Not entirely. Was I disappointed? Definitely!

I must admit, my faith in the American people was a bit shaken. To see a man with so many questions surrounding his character elected astounded me. Why? Well, that remains to be seen.

Although I am still a bit shell shocked and upset, I see a problem here that I believe needs to be quelled immediately.

Sure, it's natural for people to look around and wonder what went wrong. It's obvious that there were points in the campaign against Obama by McCain that could have been stronger.

What went wrong? Well, I have several opinions. First of all, I definitely feel that McCain going along with the bailout plan was a huge mistake. He missed the opportunity to separate himself from Obama and Bush, but he failed to make that move.

Another problem I had was McCains lack of aggressiveness. I had to wonder why he wasn't homing in on the problems with Obama and really driving them home to the American people. This was a fight, and I believe McCain lowered his gloves one too many times and allowed Obama to bring out the knockout punch to win the election.

With that being said, although there may have been problems, now is not the time for finger pointing. In fact, I'm astounded that people are trying to take cheap shots at Sarah Palin, blaming the choice of her for VP running mate as the problem.

Let me set things straight. Sarah Palin was NOT the problem. In fact, had the campaign used her more effectively as the weapon she could have been, things may have been a bit different.

Unfortunately, disappointed and disillusioned republicans are looking for a scapegoat. However, what conservatives don't seem to realize is that now is NOT the time to start having divisions among the conservative ranks.

Obama is president elect. Now we have to live with that. Because of that reality, there's a lot of work that needs to be done in the next four years on the part of the conservatives.

I am sincerely worried that if people continue the bickering and finger pointing, in four years, the conservative party might cease to exist - totally broken and divided by smashed hopes and dreams.

We must look ahead. Four years may seem like a long time, but it's not. During this time conservatives must keep on fighting. Yes, a battle for president has been lost, but the war for our ideals and convictions is still waging. We will only lose if we choose to give up and quit.

The conservatives have never been quitters before. It's not time to start a new precedent. So, let's stop the nasty comments, pondering what could have been different, and look to the future. It may look a bit daunting, but we WILL help to shape it. We dare not back off and lose our voice now.

I appeal to all conservatives, republicans, Regan democrats, and those who have no party affiliation, to keep fighting. No doubt we will see some huge fights in the next four years, but we can't divide ourselves over silly things now. Accept the small defeat, rally back together again, and get back out there. Tomorrow is another day. Another day to fight!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

VOTE!!!!!! Make Your Voice Heard

Hello everyone. I really must apologize for not posting in so long. Due to technical difficulties (a nasty virus on my computer) I've been on a hiatus. However, I can't let this election occur without just one more post.

VOTE!!! This is the most important thing I can say to you. It's your right...use it! Tomorrow you have the opportunity to have something to say about the direction this country goes. Your voice CAN make a difference.

I've tried to lay out some of the important things you may have missed about Barack Obama. You need to know who this man is. Behind the fancy speeches is a man that will take this country in a direction you cannot begin to even imagine. We must stop him.

The media is trying to say that Obama has already won. Well, it's just not true. In fact, the polls are amazingly close. Every vote WILL count. Make a difference tomorrow.

Vote for the millions of unborn babies who never got a chance to for the men and women in uniform who fight for for the families in poverty in for the American for integrity and honesty.........VOTE....VOTE McCain/Palin for President tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!