Monday, September 22, 2008

Sarah Palin: From Mom to VP Candidate

Welcome back to American Politics for the Conservative Woman. Today I want to focus on Sarah Palin. Although as women we are taking a close look at her politically, what better way to tell a woman's true character than by taking a look at her role as a mother.

Although Sarah Palin is now enjoying a successful political career, she started out as a simple hockey mom. As she has mentioned several times, her political career actually started out with her deciding to get involved in her kids' schools by joining up with the PTA (Parent Teacher Association).

From PTA she went on to serve on the Wasilla city council, then in 1999 she became the mayor of Wasilla. In November of 2006, Sarah Palin would go on to win the position of Governor of the state of Alaska. Now, she is the VP nominee for the Republican Party.

Although her political career has definitely blossomed and grown in the past 10 years, she has never forgotten that she is first and foremost a mother. Yes, being Vice President does include being more than a good mother, but by taking a look at Sarah Palin in this role, we can see a lot about her character.

Palin has proven that she has a mother's heart and that she isn't afraid of challenges. She chose life when she was told that her youngest son Trig would be born with Down's Syndrome. Not only does she say she believes in the "right to life," but this is a woman who lives out her beliefs in her personal life.

Sarah Palin has also proven that she is willing to make sacrifices for her country - sending her own son off to fight in Iraq. She has stated numerous times how proud she is to have a son who is going off to fight for freedom.

While many in the media have criticized her daughter Bristol for being pregnant, I believe that Palin's composure and acceptance of her daughter's pregnancy speaks volumes. No doubt this is not something she would have chosen for her daughter at this point in her life, but she is there supporting her daughter and showing her the love that she needs to get her through this trying time. Many politicians would have tried to cover up something like this with a quick abortion, but once again this family is not afraid to choose life...and then to stand up for that choice.

Unfortunately, the media seems to have a problem with a strong mother who is also a politician. Members of the media have questioned whether or not she could be the Vice President and take care of her Down's Syndrome son. Some have accused her of neglecting her son by running. Still others have mentioned that she should have had an abortion, and Alan Colmes, of the Hannity and Colmes show on Fox News, actually had the gall to say that she probably caused her son to have Down's Syndrome because of her rigorous career.

Never have I seen such a media attack on someone, merely for being a good mother. I for one want a strong woman in the White House who can balance a family and a career. Someone who cared enough about her children and her future to get involved. A woman who chose life no matter the cost, and a woman who is willing to accept the mistakes of her children and stand behind them with love.

This is the type of candidate that America has been crying for and it's evident as we watch millions of Americans rally around her. She's just a mom who wants to change the world for her children and the rest of America. All I have to say's about time!!!

One of the most important issues of the presidential campaign in my opinion is abortion. It is a topic I am passionate about. Unfortunately today our society seems to have forgotten the importance of life. To preserve our future as a country, we must choose life. It's imperative that we vote for the candidates who will promote the sanctity of life. Who better than someone who has made that choice, no matter how hard it was. Enjoy the video that can say it better than any words I can type to you.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lipstick on a Pig...Is Obama Calling Palin a Pig...You Decide

As you have probably noticed, the presidential race is getting hot. Since Palin gave her well received speech at the Republican National Convention, the democrats just haven't known what to do. So, more attacks have occurred from the Democratic party against Sarah Palin in a way that should infuriate any woman.

Obama talks about the fact that many women get lower pay for the same jobs men have and he wants to make sure that women get their rights. Yet, when faced with a woman, Obama treats her in a way that he would never dare to treat any man.

In Palin's speech at the RNC, she mentioned that the difference between a hockey mom and a bulldog was "lipstick." Now in Obama's speech he came up with his own lipstick quote. "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig." Was this a hit on Palin?

Well, many people in the media are saying that it was a slip of speech and that the comment did not refer to Palin in any way. My was used as a slam. After all, how many other male politicians talk about lipstick in their speeches? I think it really appears to be a hit on Palin, and by the reaction of his audience of supporters, it appears that they took this the same way too.

So, was Obama calling Palin a pig? Watch the clip...then you decide.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today...We Remember - 9/11

What more can I say?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Republican National Convention

Well, the Republican National Convention is now over. The banners have been folded up, the stadium returned to normal, and the delegates have gone home. So, you may be wondering, what will everyone retain from this convention???

Change. Sure, it's the slogan that the Obama campaign has been running on for so long, but I believe that the McCain/Palin campaign has effectively borrowed it...and I'm not sure they're giving it back.

All through the convention it was made clear that McCain was not the typical Washington insider that was a "die-hard" republican. He was portrayed as a maverick that would get the job done, no matter what party he had to work with. I like this!'s great. It aids the process in our country, but it shouldn't be the defining factor in a campaign.

It was good to see Senator Joe Lieberman up there speaking at the convention. A democrat, turned independent, turned McCain supporter...we may have never seen this happen before. Appealing to democrats to stop just voting for a party, but to vote for a man that rose above party to really offer change...yes...change you can believe in.

Governor and VP nominee Sarah Palin's speech really stood out to me as well. She showed off her experience (which many people have been questioning), highlighted that she has a family like any other with problems and joys alike, and did a top class job at showing where her opponent had some key downfalls. I think my favorite quote was when she went after Obama's experience, saying "I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a "community organizer," except that you have actual responsibilities."

Of course, then there was the speech of John McCain himself. I enjoyed what he had to say about education reform, letting people know he'd allow parents to choose schools, increase pay and benefits for good teachers, and " bad teachers find another line of work." He made it clear that he was the man who would really make a change, and at the end of his speech he drove the point home. "Let me offer an advance warning to the old, big spending, do nothing, me first, country second Washington crowd: change is coming."

Now...this is a ticket I want to vote for, and I believe McCain/Palin ticket offers a great choice for the conservative women out there!

Here's a quick video of the highlights from the Republican National Convention.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Yes...Palin Can Hold Her Own

Palin has already proven that she can definitely hold her own. This is one tough woman who isn't going to take any flak from anyone. Stay tuned for more on Palin's speech at the RNC and my thoughts on all she had to say.....

--A Conservative Woman

Thursday, September 4, 2008

McCains New VP Pick Gets Him Rolling

Although it seemed that John McCain's campaign was almost dead in the water, after picking new running mate, Sarah Palin, it appears that his campaign has been revitalized. After all, you all know how thrilled I am with the pick, and I'm definitely not the only one.

The entire Republican Party, not to mention independents and even some Democrats, are excited about this pick. Have we ever seen a party come together like this for a VP nomination? I truly believe we are about to see history made and the first ever woman Vice President next January.

Palin, who is young, a woman, energetic, and known for shaking things up is definitely shaking up the Republican campaign. Yes, I believe they are on a roll, and I think it leads to the White House.

Check out this video. It's funny and illustrates the point. Enjoy!