Monday, March 9, 2009

Obama…So Many Mistakes…So Little Time

It's March. Only March. In so little time, no other President of this country has managed to make so many mistakes. Obama has definitely proved that many were right with their fears of him going through "on the job training." So far, in my book, he's getting a big fat "F" in his training.

After all, we all make mistakes, but really…how many mistakes do you have to make there Mr. President? It's getting ridiculous. He almost makes the amateurish Clinton mistakes look petty. Americans should be more worried than ever about this President ever handling a real crisis, such as 9/11. Here's a few of the recent mistakes Obama has been making.

Mistake #1 - Picking "Schoolyard" Fights with Pundits
Since when did Presidents focus their attention on fights with pundits? It's like a silly fight in the schoolyard. Apparently the Obama Administration thinks it needs to go out there and spend valuable time criticizing the Sean Hannity's and the Rush Limbaugh's out there. The very thought that anyone would criticize the president. The audacity. Watch out folks…freedom of speech is about to go out the window. Since when did Obama have the time to even care what people were saying? I thought he had his hands full with the economy?

Mistake #2 - Not Understanding What "Vetting" Is
Apparently "vetting" is a term that President Obama just doesn't understand. It's about time that he learn the meaning. After all, the guy still doesn't have all the positions filled. People keep "reconsidering" or quitting because they have legal problems coming to light. Half the people he picks end up in tax investigations. I guess he's giving us a clue about the people he enjoys keeping company with. No wonder we have a bad economy!

Mistake #3 - Blowing Off Eastern European Countries - Czech Republic and Poland
While Bush 43 spent so much time working on better ties with countries in Easter Europe, especially the Czech Republic and Poland, Obama has been trying to "secretly" blow off these countries. He sent a letter off to Dmitri Medvedev saying that they'd leave these two countries without missile defense if only Russia would help to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Of course Russian didn't go with the deal, and the letter became public knowledge. Now these two countries know that Obama was willing to sell them off to the Russians who already are intimidating these countries. Absurd!

Mistake #4 - Continuing to Ruin Ties with Britain
Of course then there is the way that President Obama continues to ruin the ties we have with Britain. Britain is one of our greatest allies…or that is they WERE. As I've mentioned before in a post, Obama made a huge deal about sending back their Churchill Bust that was a gesture of goodwill. Then he treats the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, very badly while he was visiting. The press conference they were supposed to have together was totally blown off by Obama, and then he gives the PM a set of DVDs of classic American movies after being given a gift that was priceless - a pen holder that was made from the timbers from the HMS President, which was a British warship from the 19th century. It's not hard to see why Britain was offended. It appears that Obama doesn't want much to do with Britain…he's too busy courting and wooing those Middle Eastern countries and all his Muslim relatives.

Mistake #5 - Bad Mouthing the Economy and Creating More of a Crisis
Last of all, President Obama continues to bad mouth the economy at every turn. Instead of giving Americans hope, all he does is talk the country and economy down. He's always talking about a crisis, and meanwhile he's making a bigger crisis. It seems that the more he talks ( not to mention when the tax cheat Geithner talks) the stock market continues to go down. We have seen the lowest numbers since 1997 (Clinton was in Office) in the past few days, and Obama has definitely been one to help it get there. Even Democrats with financial knowledge recognize that Obama is making a bad problem worse.

Of course I don't have time to tell you about all Obama's mistakes...I don't think Blogger will let me post that much at once. These are just a few of the big ones. What do you think? Do you want a president that makes mistakes at every turn? I Don't!!!


Anonymous said...

Obama must think that vetting means racing your corvette lol

simpleman said...

I would say that nobody's perfect, but that would mean that I'm exercising my talent for understatement. What kills me is that his approval rating is still hovering at about 60%. I guess the numbers were right those that voted for him really were the ignorant, entitlement, elitists on both coasts.

Anonymous said...

Great post. This is definitely sad. It is ridiculous the mistakes this man has made. Even I didn't think it would be this bad when he took office.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting sick of his mistakes. I'm hoping American will quickly get sick of them too!